Bullet Terror

November 21, 2018

Bullet Terror (恐怖の弾痕) (1957)

A young judo expert (Akira Takarada) assumes a white collar job in a night club company that is being harassed by the yakuza and their sword for hire bodyguard (Jun Tazaki), whose father was once upon a time killed by the judo guy’s good-for-nothing father (talk about coincidences) – an incident that has stained the decent son’s life and career ever since. The new employer soon turns out to be no better – their real business is revealed to be narcotics. Mildly entertaining b-action film with a couple of judo vs. sword duels. The storyline and characterization are purely programmer stuff, though, and some scenes are badly dated (e.g. long episode featuring a time bomb ticking in the clueless hero’s car while he’s chasing the bad guy).

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