KG: Karate Girl DVD

July 20, 2011

A brief look at the R2J Toei Deluxe Edition DVD release

Disc 1: Movie (DVD-9 / 4.94 KB)
Anamorphic Widescreen (progressive)
Japanese DD 5.1 (448 kbps)
91 min
+ Original trailers and teasers (5 min)
+ Bonus trailers and commercials (13 min)

Disc 2: Bonus Disc (DVD-5 / 4.13 GB)

– Behind the Scenes (53 min)
Billed as “Documentary”, this is almost an hour worth of behind the scenes footage from the action scenes, with optional commentary by producer / action director Fuyuhiko Nishi and action coordinator Misako Nagashima. Video footage of Richard Heselton standing on the roof with a helmet on his head while Takeda and Tobimatsu practice headkicks is worth seeing!

– 100 Karate Moves (6 min)
This is basically compiled stuff from the Behind the Scenes feature

– Exhibition Match (9 min)
Rina Takeda vs. Kazutoshi Yokoyama. Stage event match, performing one of the film’s action scenes live.

– Shinjuku Premiere: Part 1 (19 min)
This is standard premiere until special guest Mayumi Uchida of AKB 48 shows up. Being a karate skilled girl (she practiced Kyokushin karate, that is, Sonny Chiba karate!) she and Takeda take a few rounds of jan ken pon. The winner gets to kick the loser!

– Shinjuku Premiere: Part 2 (12 min)
Discussion after the film. Takeda, Naka, Tobimatsu, Heselton,Kimura and Nishi attend.

– Ready. Steady. Go! (4 min)
KG music video using footage mainly from Angel Rina idol DVD. This may be the best extra on the disc – let’s just say Angel Rina is gonna sell like hot cakes after people get to see this.

– Poster Gallery (2 pictures)
Cast and Crew Introduction (text screens)

Disc 3: CD
Ready. Steady. Go! single, with standard and remix versions of the song. The CD appears to be limited to first press, in other words, will go out of print if isn’t already

Stylish carboard sleeve and amaray case with different artwork

note: film review can be found here


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