Revenge of the Zebra Mini-Skirt Police

March 31, 2011

Zebura minisuka porisu no gyakushu (Japan, 2010)

Spring 2010 saw the release of Takashi Miike’s highly political superhero adventure Zebraman 2. Aside placing supposedly real life politicians in fictional context, the film was notable for being packed with more mini-skirt villains than one movie could take. Busy drooling over Riisa Naka’s curves, the attention stealing Zebra Mini-Skirt Police trio was criminally ignored.

Sho Aikawa’s favorite girls now strike back in the 41 minute spin off movie Revenge of the Zebra Mini-Skirt Police, shot quick and cheap by Miike’s former assistant director Kenichiro Nishiumi. The spin off was released on DVD just prior to the theatrical film, partly in advertising sense.

Set before the events of Zebraman 2, the spin off shows how the three skirt police unit was completed. Zebra City’s governor (or Tokyo’s Shintaro Ishihara, if you wish) runs a personal police force that ensures the safety of the political elite, not so much anyone who stands on their way. Orphan hacker girl Masami is caught by the police and given an “option” to join the force.

More interested in tracking down her the man who killed her parents, Masami’s roundhouse kicks hit her own superiors more often than anyone else. The real target should be, according to the authorities, the evil rebels threatening the city administration. Reforming Masami is left on her‘criminals turned mini-skirt police’ colleagues.

Revenge of the Zebra Mini-Skirt Police stars three success-lite idols. Leading lady Miki Inase and her fellow mini-skirts Yuko Shimizu and Sayoko Ohashi all have a handful of television appearances, commercials, and other routine idol gigs on their resume. Ohashi is probably the best known of the three; having acted as game character and advertising girl for the video game Need for Speed: ProStreet.

Aged 22 to 25, bright future in idol industry seems unlikely for any of the girls. They are, by industry standards, past retirement age. But! They can always proceed with her careers in V-Cinema. And Revenge of the Zebra Mini-Skirt Police isn’t a bad one.

Nishiumi relies on traditional budget effects: girls, skirts, and roundhouse kicks that seemingly break three bones every time. Idol status considered, the girls perform relatively well in action scenes, with ballsy sound effects assisting them.

The trio didn’t have it too easy, though. Christmas holidays spent in action director Masayoshi Yamaguchi’s gentle care, followed by a 4 day winter shoot with a decent amount of outdoor scenes in low temperature.

Revenge of the Zebra Mini-Skirt Police does have a bit of home video look to it, but thankfully it’s the case of razor sharp digi-video. Comparisons to Zebraman 2 would be out of context, though. Miike’s big budget superhero film was made for a different audience than Nishiumi’s bargain budget Nazi fetish modification.

Realities considered, there isn’t much to complain about. The film – if you wish to call it such – isn’t loaded with artistic merits, but in just 41 minutes such a shamelessly entertaining mix won’t get boring. A bit of extra length wouldn’t have hurt, either.




  1. Hot Damn!
    I so wanna watch that, since I first heard of it. And I haven’t even watched “Zebraman 2”. But, merely 40 minutes? That’s a bit of a shame, though.

  2. I think Zebraman 2 might be a bit better than the first film, but then again, I never was much of a fan. As a superhero adventure and genre semi-parody it’s not that special, ending aside (had me laughing two weeks non-stop). But it’s got some nice political edge to it.

    The film’s villain, the evil governor, is essentially modeled after Tokyo’s real governor, Shintaro Ishihara. Governor Ishihara is quite a celebrity, having…

    – called homosexuality a mental disease
    – stated women past fertility age are useless
    – written a book about the stupidity of Americans
    – written a several books about rape
    – supported new censorhip laws that caused major animation studios to boycott Tokyo Anime Fair
    – appointed his own son as the leader of Tokyo’s foreign art project, ignoring all formalities
    – support building new casinos to Tokyo
    – spend loads of government money on leisure trips

    Just to mention a few. And, he’s the brother of the legendary Nikkatsu star Yujiro Ishihara. Needless to say, Shintaro Ishihara, too, is a skillful showman who constantly engages in media play.

    In Zebraman 2 there’s quite a few indirect references to Ishihara and his leadership. Well, that’s what Midnight Eye’s Tom Mes believes, and I believe that, too. I wrote a long review in Finnish, but translating it into English would be waste of time. Mes already explained most of my major points in his excellent review.

    Oh, right, and then there’s the miniskirt villains. Almost forgot. Some screencaps. Click image for full Blu-Ray glory.

    Fantasy Ishihara (Gadarukanaru Taka)

    His trusted police unit

    And his pop-diva daughter (Riisa Naka)

    It’s almost difficult to believe it’s the same girl from the latest Toki wo kakeru shoujo adaptation…

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