Love & Pop DVDs

March 6, 2011

This is not a DVD review site, however, Love & Pop happens to be not just an amazing film, but also a movie blessed with some of the most unique DVD extras of all time. In addition, two different cuts exist of the film.

The Director’s Cut

The standard cut, which was featured on the original (2000) Japanese King Records DVD, and apparently on the US DVD release by Kino, is the 110 minute version. The more recent 2003 King Records SR Ban, however, features 112 minute version of the film. This cut has one additional scene edited into the film around the 20 minute mark. It’s quite a wonderful addition, featuring 2 minutes of full on Anno camerawork and editing (that is, the amount of scenes that would run 25 minutes in any other director’s movie) and also some dialogue.

Advertising Campaign

The trailers, TV spots and Music Video can all be found on the SR Ban DVD. The older release is unfortunately missing the music video. Below are screencaps from the advertising materials. Note that some screencaps have been cropped.


SR bad comes with three documentaries (the old release is missing the first one), all of which are hugely interesting. Where else can you see filmmakers making primary research for their film by purchasing services from prostitutes?

The first documentary, ‘From Evangelion to Love & Pop’ is mainly talk, with Anno going telekura and calling to call girls and chatting about Evangelion and other things with them. He even makes a date with one girl and goes to meet her (at the Shibuya station Hachiko statue, if my memory serves me right).

‘Love & Pop Documentary Part 0: The Last Scene’ is a featurette about shooting “the last scene”. The end credits for this documentary happen to be one the coolest thigs I’ve come across recently. Wonderful footage.

Love & Pop Documentary: Final Chapter is a making of documentary. It features behind the scenes footage, interviews with enjo kousai girls, and one of the filmmakers making a restroom visit with a enjo kousai girl (and the cameraman follows them all the time…)


The two Japanese dvds also differ in terms of technical specs. The old disc is anamorphic fullscreen, but the image quality is otherwise inferior for the most part. The new transfer improves on colors and contrast, and appears more stable and looks more like digital video should. However, in a couple of scenes the old transfer has better colors and the ending credits scene also looks notably better.

The new transfer is non-anamorphic and fully windowboxed fullscreen, meaning you’ll have to zoom in to remove the black bars. This is because some scenes in the film are in widescreen (naturally, non-anamorhic). Without windowboxing the widescreen scenes would be ruined.

Below are a few screencaps. These caps are cropped, so please only take them as reference for differences other than framing. The new disc is on top, the old one on bottom.


One of my favorite films on one of my facorite DVDs. The SR Ban is great, but the old edition still has it’s merits. I’m glad to own both.


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