Robo-Geisha Sapporo Premiere

January 17, 2010

Below are some photos from the Sapporo premiere (16.1.2010) in Dinos Shiroishi.

Now a tradition, director Noboru Iguchi (left) and special effects man Yoshihiro Nishimura (right) attend the screening in loincloths.

Also attending (from the left), actresses Yui Murata, Cay Izumi, and Asami

Highlight of the night: Cay and Asami capture Nishimura…

… and put a dart in Nishimura’s ass

That’s some genuine special effects for poor Nishimura-san

You probably don’t know (how would you, unless you read my review) but Asami is an AV star… and Cay is a pole dancer. It’s a shame Cay didn’t put up her Fantastic Fest show. See in youtube.

The crew also brough a load of gifts and prizes for the audience. I didn’t win anything, but at least got a signed photo of Demo Tanaka, and some candy from Cay and Asami…


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