Behind the Scenes Stills Vol. 1

November 30, 2009

Yesterday Michael at Wildgrounds posted some great behind the scenes photos from Asian movies. Being a very nice idea, and me lacking time to watch movies (you’ve probably noticed a lot of my recent posts do not say “recently watched”…) I decided to do the same. Now, a few of these stills lack person identifications. The problem is that my dvd collection is 7800 km away from me, and my screen capture archives lack any detailed information. So, if you know the person in the picture just say… ehm, whatever you like… as long as you share your knowledge here. Please.

First up is the movie Youth Killer (1976), with director Kazuhiko Hasegawa and cinematographer Tatsuo Suzuki in the picture.

More pictures from the same movie.

Do you recognize the assistant director (glasses & cap). He’s Shinji Somai, my favourite filmmaker from the 80’s.

Different movie, same maestro. Shinji Somai and Ken Ogata at the sets of The Catch (1983)

Two years before Somai made the greatest idol movie of all time. Hiroko Yakushimaru and Tsunehiko Watase played the leading characters.

Hiroko’s debut film was Never Give Up (1978). She starred alongside actor legend Ken Takakura.

In 1979 she had a brief role in the Shinichi “Sonny” Chiba movie G.I. Samurai.

Kadokawa idol movies were popular in the early 80’s, but 5 years later Toei had taken the lead with their Sukeban Deka TV series. Here the star of the first series, Yuki Saito, hands in the role of Asamiya Saki to her follower, Yoko “Nanno” Minamino.

One year later it was Yui Asaka’s turn to receive flowers.

Against all odds, 1980’s idols made cool action stars. But more than a decade before there was a hard boiled cult starlet who didn’t have to worry about odds. Miss Snowblood Meiko Kaji being directed by Toshiya Fujita in 1973.

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