Recently seen movies #133

June 1, 2009

Sukeban Deka: Counter-Attack of the Kazama Sisters (Japan, 1988) – 4/5

The first Sukeban Deka movie, despite being solid entertainment, failed failed to live up to the TV shows. Now Hideo Tanaka, who had been helming the school girl fighters since season one, gives his second try at silver screen adaptation. The outcome is an unexpected success. Taking place after the end of the third season, the film takes a completely new direction and in this sense is a logical continuation to the franchise where the preceding TV shows were also all very distinctive. Traditional Sukeban Deka activity has been closed down and replaced with special forces lead by young politician whose goal is to fight crime at any cost and without mercy. Yui, at the request of the Sukeban Deka founder Kurayami, has joined the forces but cannot accept the merciless methods – and razor blade yo-yo’s – used by the new crime fighting unit. She soon finds herself in a situation where her former colleagues have become her enemies.

Counter-Attack of the Kazama Sisters is much darker than any of the preceding adventures – rather ironic considering Asaka is the most adorable of the three sukeban deka’s – being both violent and displaying a close future vision that even occasionally reminds of Paul Verhoeven’s scifi movies. Compared to the first film Kazama Sisters is better focused, less over-the-top and notaby punchier. Yui’s sisters Yuma and Yuka (are not given too much screen time – although each girl performs on the soundtrack – but this probably works to the benefit of the film. Hiroyuki Nagato’s extended role also comes as a positive surprise as this is one of the few times we get to see him outside of his office.

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