Recently seen TV shows #2

February 20, 2009

Sukeban Deka II – Legend of the Girl in the Iron Mask (Japan, 1985-1986) – 4,5/5

Seifuku dressed Yukari Oshima’s nunchuku mayhem. Saki vs ruthless girls’ kung fu club. Evil martial arts masters (specialties include the three section staff) released from prison at noon in a western esque story setting. Simply put, Sukeban Deka II has the best start in the history of television. Although it can’t quite retain that quality throughout its 42 episodes – there’s a couple of filler storylines in the middle – it is one hell of an addictive series that among all other movie and pop culture references even manages to re-tell the story of Casablanca (1942).

The second series stars Yoko Minamino as an orphan girl who was forced to grow up wearing a mysterious iron mask. Now she’s released from the mask and given the code name Saki Asamiya. Trying to solve the secrets of her past and fight the evil Seirokai she must face mercenaries, evil monks and school girl vampires in episodes that mix elements from Yojimbo, The Terminator and Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion into an original storyline of epic proportions.

Backing Saki up are a well behaving sukeban Okyo (excellent Haruko Sagara), who uses marbles as weapons, and Yukino, who turns tea ceremonies into deadly martial arts, played by Onyanko Club member Akie Yoshizawa who also brought the onyankos with her into two episodes. Each of the three leads have also contributed excellent songs to the series, backing up Ichiro Nitta’s already terrific soundtrack. While not quite as good as the masterful original series, Sukeban Deka II still counts as one the most iconic television shows ever made.


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  1. I watched that show couple years back and It was great,I couldnt stop watching

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