Recently seen movies #100

December 7, 2008

Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge (Japan, 2007) – 4/5

A masked chansaw man falls from the sky and fights a schoolgirl armed with golf club. Cheap exploitation? Or a childish manga adaptation full of pretentious visual tricks? Neither. Shot on HD and then blown to 35 mm Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge is the most stylish romantic action comedy chainsaw bundle of all time (yeah, it’s the first one of its kind). It’s also unexpectedly competently directed by first timer Takuji Kitamura and blessed with good leading performances by Hayato Ichihara (Rainbow Song, Lily Chou-Chou) and Megumi Seki.

Don’t expect a massacre – this chainsaw maniac only duels his reqular opponent, night after night – but the humour is plenty and actually rather cleaver. The film knowns what it is, and makes no excuses for it. There’s a good amout of CGI but it looks better than most Hollywood blockbusters. The actual chainsaw fights are short and sparse, but count among the most exciting action scenes of the past few years.


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