Blog opened

November 29, 2007

Let’s see if this is working… hmm, ok. I’m a 21 year old IB student from Finland. I did not create this blog out of free will (where are the smileys…? ah, never mind. I love joking without smileys. Makes it less underlining) but because this is a compulsory school assignment. This is my first time creating a blog but so far this seems very easy.

In case you’re wondering, the header image is from one of my favourite movies, Shinji Aoyama’s Eureka. On this blog you’re probably gonna see me writing about movies, mostly asian (got a bit tired of American films, with a few exceptions, and haven’t had time to introduce myself to European stuff yet) because I don’t really know what else to write about. I’m gonna keep my life (mostly) to myself and not share too much of it over the net.


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